Why I believe Steem is going to a 1 Billion Dollar Market Cap within 2-3 months, with evidence.


1. Steem is severely undervalued, let me explain why.

There are many logical reasons Steem is undervalued but lets just explore some of the major ones. First, Steem is a platform that can possibly replace ALL social media websites if not force a majority of them to operate on top of the Steem blockchain. But beyond that Steem is capable of many feats we often forget.

Censorship Resistance- The Steem blockchain provides us with the capabilities to imprint any post in a permanent fashion on the block chain, the worst that can happen is the post is flagged is hidden until a user clicks a button to view it anyways, noone can delete it once it goes live, not even you, even if you edit it, the old post is always visible on the blockchain. That itself is world changing.

Life Changing Technology- Beyond the fact we can save many journalists & whistleblowers lives and get the word out on a platform that lets you basically sign up anonymously, prints things in the blockchain for everyone to read forever, and lets you get funding for you hard work… we also have a system that can change the lives of many people in other countries, I personally know quite a few people that have made life changing incomes with BTC, Steem, PIVX and other coins and let me tell you, they are some of the happiest people I know.

Thriving Ecosystem- Steem has been very busy even with that constant dump we had down to .10 and although I love how active it is becoming again, I have to say it was rather active enough before, its pretty hard to digest this amount of content and use my upvotes in proper way, but either way I’m glad to see the site growing so rapidly, but I assume it will start growing MUCH faster once all this new BTC money stops making gains. Get ready lol.

Young and Powerful- Steem is a newer currency and is a very unique one at that, which gives it this odd staying power that most coins don’t get the luxury of having, on top of that, Steem will ALWAYS, ALWAYS reward the active, useful members of the community, even if it’s not 100% fair, which is going to lead down many successful roads. See Zappl, SteepShot, ChainBB, SteemVid and so on… this is just the beginning folks, wait until Twitter realizes they need to rebuild on top of Steem blockchain to stay relevant… hopefully Zappl can get ahead of them early before that day comes, but trust me, one day they might just do it. It’s very plausible seeing as why the hell would anyone use Twitter when Zappl will pay you for the exact same effort?

At the Beginning of its Life- Some might try to say since Dan left Steem has ran it’s course blah blah but I absolutely disagree, Dan built a machine, and machine runs on for a very long time, and it just so happens this machine is built to generate a future for not only its users, but the technology itself. This project has legs for years and we won’t see the growth stop for upwards of 5 years once it starts running, so keep posting, keep curating and just keep active, your future self will thank you.

Self Funding- Do I even need to explain this one? :p

Easiest Crypto- All you have to do is signup, post, upvote and the rest can be learned 1 by 1, no wallets needed, no exchanges, no mess.

2. If Ethereum, Ripple, NEM, Litecoin, ETC, Dash and soon Monero can do it, Steem should have no issue. Lets explore why.

Projects like Ethereum, ETC have alot of value due to how other project can be built on top of them and expanded which gives way to many many business opportunities, while others coins are simply speculation based on their promises and/or speculation on the usage of the coin, while Masternodes are also quite popular. So what does Steem offer that these other ‘billion dollar projects’ don’t?

Steem does all of this, plus everything I pointed out above, plus Steem Power is FAR superior to any Masternode income and while pulling your money out of Steem Power may take longer, you are bound to earn much more on your invest over the years as long as you actually use Steemit or any of the other projects coming out based on Steem. Just start earning, saving and powering up, in 6 months you will realize how worth it the time spent was. Trust me i’ve been here since launch and don’t regret a single moment I’ve ever spent on Steemit. I still wake up excited to use the website a year later. Not to mention Steem is far superior in transactions per second which is a huge scaling factor we have mostly covered for a good while.

It’s only a matter of time before Steem does the big pump to a billion, especially once any sort of UX/UI redesign comes down or any announcement of one. Be ready!

3. It might go much much higher, if everything goes well… maybe even 3-5 billion… within 6 months.

I could honestly see a huge wall of newbie investors seeing that Bitcoin is stagnate once the buying settles and as long as Steem keeps doing its thing and a new layout comes in a few months, I could see us jumping another 300 million or so, not to mention random coins are going to dump on people and they are going to look for places to put the rest of their money that seems stable and isn’t 121 on the list. Steem will start looking like a very attractive buy soon, especially once all these new user that signed up lately (thousands) start getting warmed up and learn the ropes. Welcome guys & gals!

But if all goes well and we can educate everyone on why Steem is not just another altcoin duplicate of Bitcoin then I think we will be golden and we could easily sail to 3-5 billion in 6-12 or so months… if these investors keep coming obviously and Bitcoin doesn’t implode. Or maybe it does and we still come out alive and thriving?

Would love some input guys, where do you see the Steem price heading over the next 1-6 months? Besides outer space obviously..

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