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Quite some new tools, apps & services have emerged recently, so I decided to put them in an overview on This way you can just go to and pick the tool you were looking for but forgot the url.

The community of coders, hackers and developers became very active in recent weeks and made a vast selection of tools for Steem and Steemit. Whether image hosting service, chat, stats, streams or graphs, you name it and a Steem Tool exists for it 🙂

As of now I have found about 16 tools and put them on a list, please let me know if I miss some… I can add them superfast. Anyone who is making apps & tools for Steemit, please use this form to submit your app to SteemTools.

Most of these tools are based upon the hard work of just a few:

A special mention for those who make it possible that (almost) anyone can program against the blockchain:

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