Top 10 Essential Steemit tools & links for earning profits.


Here some of the most helpful links to boost all your steem activities. I have all these links bookmarked and I use them on a regularly basis.

“The smart money always takes the dumb money, so let’s get educated”

Catch a Whale

  • If you got a serious blog that you put hours and hours of effort into you might as well submit it at the best possible time (which is when the whales are out in force). This site give you an indication of when whales are most active, consider posting when there is high level of activity.


  • I use this to follow some trending vote bots like @wang to filter out trending post. I review the blogs he votes on and sometimes comment depending on the content. Track your own name in steemstats too and you can monitor your current voting power.
  • Keep track of all the people who post popular articles stay on top of your voting.

Vote Worth

  • See the vote worth of any user, @steemit vote worth is over $3000. Most of the whales have a $100 vote. More and more big players are coming to steemit so don’t worry too much. Its the little guys which get you noticed in the first place.

Post Image

  • Probably the best site to up load pictures to steemit, it allows you to group load all pics at once into your articles, I find it easier if I rename my pictures as I download them.


  • A full list of tools and apps that work into the steemit platform, very cool indeed. To see my full review and summary of each tool please refer to: SteemTools Review Blog

Mark Down Tutorial

  • The most straight forward and direct guide on how to format your text in your blogs with “markdown”. Thanks to @modeprator good job mate! He has made it simple and easy to follow.


  • This is the market most people are using to trade their steem dollars into bitcoin or vice versa. There are other sites like Poloniex which are also good.
  • For secure BTC wallets try BlockChain or BTC Markets to transfer bitcoin to fiat currency’s like USD,EUR or AUD.

Steem Dollar Ticker

  • Instantly displays the current value of the Steem Dollar, Steem, USD & BTC. The site also includes conversion and calculating tools.


  • This site is for those animated movie gif images. Just click advanced option then copy and paste GIF download.

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